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Currently focusing on pediatric dentistry.

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Dr. Khuong Nguyen, DDS, owns and operates Clairemont Pediatric Dental in San Diego, California. He has made a career out of caring for people's teeth, focusing primarily on treating the teeth of pediatric patients. If you are considering taking your child to visit Dr. Nguyen, you may be curious to learn more about who he is, what his education is, why he decided to begin working as a pediatric dentist, and even what his hobbies and interests are. Reading his biography can help you learn more about Dr. Nguyen, owner of Clairemont Pediatric Dental in San Diego, California.

Upon graduating high school, Dr. Khuong Nguyen attended the University of California San Diego starting in 1988. He graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He attended the University of Southern California, known as USC, for dental school. He graduated in 1997 and then immediately pursued an additional year of Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, more commonly known as UCLA.

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Recent News

November 11, 2022

How Do They Fill a Cavity in a Child’s Tooth?

There are a few ways to fill a cavity in child’s tooth. They may use Amalgam, composite resin, or nitrous oxide. However, whatever the method, it is important to get the cavity filled. The cavity is an opening for bacteria that can spread to other teeth if it is not treated. Amalgam Amalgam is a […]

October 18, 2022

How Painful is a Root Canal?

Frequently, root canals are used to treat a tooth that is sore and has not responded to standard treatment. As a result, they could cause slight damage to the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. Additionally, pain may be felt in the face, jaw, and bone surrounding the tooth. Among the additional reasons for toothache are […]

October 17, 2022

What Degree is Dentistry?

There are many different types of degrees in the field of dentistry, and you may want to find one that suits your goals and interests. For example, some majors focus on biology, while others focus on chemistry and physics. Finally, some majors specialize in a specific area of the field, such as molecular biology. A […]

Oral Hygiene
September 21, 2022

Oral Hygiene – 3 Ways to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

If you want to keep your mouth healthy and prevent dental problems, it is vital to practice proper oral hygiene. Aside from keeping your teeth clean, this practice also keeps bad breath at bay. Here are three ways you can practice good oral hygiene. Of course, you can also visit your dentist regularly for regular […]

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